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Trampa Treads Hard Mountainboard Tyre

Made from motorcycle tire rubber, the Trampa Treads are slightly heavier but much more hard wearing than other mountainboard tires. Great if you wear out tyres a lot. Sold each tyre without tube.

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Trampa Treads hard compound rubber tyre - Made from motorcycle tire rubber, these Trampa Treads and slightly heavier but much more hard wearing than other tires on this site.... Consequently they are far more puncture resistant than other light weight models, therefore suitable to the heavier or insanely narlie riders out there who wish to give there wheels the maximum inflation pressure's!

This tyre will fit all hubs known on the market.The stronger the hub the higher the inflation pressures they will handle.

The Trampa Tread tire has an intelligent grip pattern, housing grip on grip of which we call a progressive grip system (PGS). Based around the design of the Primo Alpha tire the grip pattern is quite wide but still has a joining tread around the center of the tire to allow for high top end roll speeds.

These are sold as a EACH Tyre without Innertubes ( you need a standard 8in or 200mm tube)

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