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Trampa Truck Kingpin Bushing Refresh Set

This will refresh the kingpin bushings on Trampa Channel Trucks so the Infinity, Vertigo and Ultimate trucks. A wearing part in the truck to keep them turning smoothly.

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The Kingpin bushings are a small item & are subjected to a lot of forces and through normal/regular use they will ultimately need replacing over time. Depending on what surface you are riding on will depend on how long these bushings will last you. So to make sure your trucks are always performing at their best inspect these Bushings regularly (preferably before riding) & in particular replace any that are showing signs of wear & from time to time replace them anyway...

Package Contents: 4 x 2mm & 4 x 2.5mm BASE Kingpin bushings for all Trampa Spring Trucks.

These Nylon Kingpin bushings are Housed within the holes of the Baseplate & Hanger, the bushings allow the kingpin to move freely when the Truck is constructed.

Made with slightly different thickness base's which helps to bridge any tolerance issues in the construction of the truck. These special Nylon Bushings are produced using Food Industry Standard materials (the best possible!) & ensure maximum durability.

A little spray of WD40 will help the kingpin glide through the bushings and truck parts holding everything in position....
To maintain maximum performance of your equipment check these bushings on a regular basis and replace them if the look tired or worn out
Weight: 4g

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