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MBS Colt 90 Constellation Mountainboard

an entry level mountain board for junior and adult riders

The MBS Colt 90 Constellation mountain board has seen some amazing upgrades this year and is ideal for juniors or adults who want a good board for learning kite and downhill riding.

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The MBS Colt 90 and Atom range before have been the entry level boards in MBS's range for years. They have always offered great value for money and performance for riders starting out mountainboarding and kiteboarding. The new Colt 90 has seen some amazing upgrades this year and really shares only a name with it's older boards.  The deck has been redesigned with a nice smooth concave under the feet to keep you locked in but still a standard maple laminate deck to keep the cost down. The trucks have upgraded now to 12mm Axles for extra strength and to fit standard bearings. The Wheels are now new FiveStar design making them look good and be super light. The tyres and tubes have also been upgraded to give real T1 tyres and high grade tubes to reduce punctures. Completing the mountainboard there is still the F1 velcro bindings to connect to the deck and these are awesome at coping with small to large feet in comfort.MBS Colt 90 Beginner Mountainboard 2015 2016

So all in all this makes the MBS Colt 90 a perfect all round starter board for most riders. The F1 bindings giving a simple solid binding to suit small feet and the plain maple deck being tough and comfortable. The new ATS 12 skate trucks and lightweight wheels and tyres make it a solid performer.  The length of the board is fine for junior riders up to small adults for downhill up to 6ft tall. Kite boarders are fine for over 6ft tall but may find with big feet then you might touch the wheels on tight turns. If you want to do a lot of freestyle jumps then it may be better to look at the Core 90 bigger brother as the deck then has reinforced fibreglass inside to stop it from breaking on hard landings.  But you can always upgrade the deck at a later date if you do manage to find it's limits.

MBS Colt 90 2015/2016 Specification:

  • Rider Style - Learning to mountainboard or kite board
  • Overall Weight - 5.9kg
  • Overall Length - 105.2cm
  • Axle to Axle Length - 85.2cm
  • Deck Construction - Maple
  • Deck Stiffness - Stiff
  • Deck Tip Angle - 20 Degrees
  • Deck Size - Length 90.2cm - Width 22cm
  • Trucks - ATS.12 Skate Trucks 12mm Axle
  • Orange Medium Skate Bushings
  • Hubs - FiveStar - White
  • Bearing Size 6001 2RS - 12x28mm
  • Tyres - T1 (8in 200x50) Black
  • Bindings - F1 Velcro
  • Brake Compatible

Base Graphics on MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard 2015


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