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Bullet Combo Pad Set Adult

Make sure you stay protected no matter your sport! The Bullet Pads Set features elbow, knee and wrist protection keeping the primary bail zones on your body protected, with added padding for comfort.

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Be protected wherever you go, whatever the sport! The Bullet Combo Pad Set comes with Knee pad, Elbow pads and Wrist guards to help keeping you protected for those bumps and slides that you may too often encounter!

These pads slide over your arms/ elbows with a sleeve and tightened with double fastening straps. This gives not only comfort but really makes this a pad that will grow with you. The wrist pads feature a top and bottom strut for added protection, with an aesthetic palm strut for extra comfort. Triple velcro straps keep the wrist pad in place when riding hard!

Bullet Pad Set Adult Combo

The specs:

  • High grade cordura fabric
  • EVA Foam Padding
  • Polycarbonate high impact caps
  • Adjustable straps

Size Guide


  • Knee - 36-41cm
  • Elbow - 29-33cm
  • Wrist - 21-23cm


  • Knee - 28-33cm
  • Elbow - 27-30cm
  • Wrist - 19-21cm


  • Knee - 23-28cm
  • Elbow - 24-28cm
  • Wrist - 17-19cm
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