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Hillbilly Full Finger Wrist Guard Gloves

The Hillbilly Full Finger Wrist Guards are great for mountainboarders who like to put their hands down! Double split guards provide great protection and the fingers are covered.

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Hillbilly Full Finger Wrist Guard Gloves Hillbilly's New and Improved "Baaahd Ass!" gloves! Heavy duty. Made with goatskin and double stitched with 'heavy doody' nylon thread. The goat ain't happy but your wrists will be. Jason Lee, 7X BX Champ says "These gloves are the best wrist guard / glove combo I've ever used. That was the problem before, I used to have to put wrist guards over my gloves. Two seperate pieces. The hillbilly gloves have integrated both items. I'm psyched!"
Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL
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