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Skateboard Decks - Girl

These are a selection of Skateboard Decks we have in stock. We can get many other decks in on special order if you are after anything in particular please contact us. Generally we have loads more skate decks in store at our ATBShop Skate Warehouse but because decks come in and out so fast the site is not always up to date with the latest skate brands and sizes.
Girl are one of the largest Skateboard companies coming out of the US at the moment.
With great decks, killer graphics and one of the best teams out there, Girl really are a force to be reckoned with!
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Girl - Skate Deck X Beastie Boys Sure Shot 8.125

Girl Skate Deck X Beastie Boys Sure Shot 8.125

All you treckies and TV addicts, don't mean to brag don't mean to being static... but you need this in your life, whether to skate, or hang on the wall. This board is SIIICK.
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