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OBrien Bamboo Alloy 3 Piece Travel Paddle

OBrien Aluminium Bamboo 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle

Taking it's shape and style from it's carbon brother this paddle is awesome but not quite as expensive. Still great shape and good weight with the bamboo 8in blade.

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The OBrien Aluminium and Bamboo paddle is a great upgrade paddle and shares many features with it's carbon brother but changes the shaft from carbon to Aluminium Alloy. This still makes it lightweight and also durable but lowers the cost considerably. The 8inch wide bamboo blade is a good surface area for power and the angled and contoured blade improves efficiency for smooth glide with each stroke of the paddle. The Aluminium Alloy shaft collapses down into three pieces for storage and transport and the top adjustment section has a grooved adjustable shaft to stop any twisting and keeps the blade in line with ease. The clamps on the paddle also great quality and adjustable to keep the tension on the shaft spot on while still being easy to pack down.

Looking for a serious upgrade paddle in looks and performance the Bamboo and Alloy OBrien is it. Aluminium shaft with bamboo 8in blade – Performance oriented with minimal weight and heightened durability

OBrien Aluminium and Bamboo 3 Piece Paddle Specifications:


  • Aluminium shaft – Light and durable
  • Angled and contoured bamboo blade – Durable and buoyant blade designed for smooth, efficient strokes
  • 8″ Blade width – Allow for more powerful strokes
  • Grooved shaft – Eliminates twisting of the shaft components so your handle never rotates and the paddle remains straight
  • Premium adjustment clamp – Effortless adjustability and a two bolt design for strong clamping power
  • Paddle length – 68″ to 85″ adjustment range
  • Weight – 1.9 lbs
  • 3 Piece Paddle (Traveler) – Easily adjustable paddle length and simple disassembly for travel and storage
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