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Red Paddle Co. Whip Eight Ten MSL Surf iSUP

Get your surf on without the hassle of fitting the surfboard in the car. The Red Eight Ten Whip features a solid construction to keep you riding that wave for longer.

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Why bother with the hassle of a solid surf SUP, they're huge, massively expensive, pretty fragile and an absolute nightmare to transport from A to B let along trying to get one through the airport. The solution? Introducing the Red Paddle Co Whip 8'10"! Featuring a highly durable MSL construction and RSS Batten system for an extra 40% more stiffness, the Whip ensures superior rigidity for maximum maneuverability while seshing the surf.

3.93" thick and 150litres of volume with thinner rails offer a SUP surf orientation for better control paddling out and while riding the wave face. With 29" of width and a narrow tail the Whip offers plenty of stability while riding without sacrificing on turn.

With MSL (Mono-structural Laminate) fusion composite and airtight coating the Whip has a second layer of hard wearing polymer fused to a drop stitched core during the raw material stage to eradicate any hand glueing errors, reduce overall weight by 2kg and create a stiffer board at lower pressures. a pioneer in the way of  high quality and durable design.

Whats included?

  • Red Paddle Co 8' 10" Whip MSL
  • High pressure pump
  • Repair kit
  • FCS Connect fin
  • RSS Battens
  • Water resistant phone case
  • Red Paddle Co Alloy 3 piece paddle
  • Red Paddle Co Leash
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