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DRY Bag Pro

An absolute must for anyone who owns a wetsuit and hates the hassle of having to try and dry it. Dry on the go from the moment you take it off with no mess and no hassle! Compete with DRY Hanger set.

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Introducing the answer to all your wetsuit drying problems. Whether you are a surfer, kitesurfer, wakeboarder or even just own a wetsuit, stick it in a Dry Bag Pro and hang it up inside your car or outside in the sun to intensify the drying effect without damaging it with UV rays. The Dry Bag will act as a mini oven venting moisture out the side mesh panels which increases the overall airflow to your wetsuit rather than having it chucked in a bucket in the back of the van to worry about another day. Compared to the DRY Bag Elite, you can leave this out in the garden through rain or shine and your wetsuit will continue to dry.

Now the DRY BAG Pro comes complete with DRY Hanger set for your perfect drying setup!

DRY Bag Pro in use in listing Worried about drips and puddles? Don't worry. The Dry Bag Pro collects all the wetness, sand and dirt off of your wetsuit at the bottom of the bag sealed with waterproof stitching ready to be poured out using the plug. This keeps all your gear in the car/ van/ garage or room dry without any un-pleasant puddles to clear up!

DRY Bag Pro close ups in listing

With a storage option such as this you can keep you wetsuit constantly drying from the moment you take it off making it the most ideal solution no matter the season! The DRY Bag Pro is a core product for the water sports lifestyle enthusiasts and now we have one, we have no idea how we ever coped without one!

The quick specs:

  • 300 Denier material
  • UV Protection
  • Mesh side vents to increase airflow
  • Waterproof seams
  • Welded water reservoir
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Protects your wetsuit
  • Something everyone needs
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