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Ozone Contact Bar Spare Flag out Line

The Flag Out line for Ozone kites is the bungee which attaches your kite leash to your kite to be able to activate the safety system. Available in different sizes.

£9.95 - £12.95
In Stock & available for UK next day delivery
Spare CONTACT Bar "FLAG OUT" Line. This is the elasticated rope that you leash onto for the safety system.  This can get frayed over time by going through the bar so is able to be replaced.

The flag out line on the CONTACT Bar is different to the Flag out line sold with the 09 Bar and C4 and Zephyr Bar so please take note to order the correct spare.
To check the length line you need measure your bar or existing line:
2009 Instinct Flag Line - approx 80cm long
2010 -2013 Pull Megatron Safety Line - Approx 60cm long
We now have stocks of flag out lines which work with the new 2014 Push Away chicken loop safety.
2014 Race Bar Push Away - Approx 99cm long
2014 C4 Bar Push Away - Approx 55cm long
2014 Contact Bar Push Away - Approx 62cm long
Contact V4 Bar - Approx 59cm (stretch to 92cm)
If you are fitting out a new style bar with the push away safety you will also need one of these. The push loop flag out lines do not have the red ball and rubber coated leash loop so you need the swivel:
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