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Flysurfer Speed Flying Lines

Simply replacement flying lines for a flysurfer speed 3, 4 or Speed 5 kite. 21m length in top flysurfer quality, buy as single lines or as a full set.

£55.00 - £199.95
(UK VAT Included in Price)
In Stock & available for UK next day delivery

Flying lines always need to be kept in good condition. These are the complete FLYSURFER Flying line set for SPEED 3, 4 and 5, consisting of:

Complete Set of 4 Lines:
2 x Depower-Flying line (grey, 21 m)
2 x Steering-Flying line (red and green, 21 m)

Or you can buy single lines if you have had a problem. We would generally recommend changing all lines if you have had the lines in use for quite some time as you can get line stretch with use and can make the kite fly badly if you put different length lines on.  If you want any advise on this please call us.

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