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ATBShop Dirt Scooter Inner Tube

Don't let a flat tyre ruin your session. ATBShop's Dirt Scooter Inner Tube is ideal as a spare or replace inner tube for your dirt scooter; never be without one!

£7.50 - £8.50
(UK VAT Included in Price)
In Stock & available for UK next day delivery
8" Dirt Scooter Inner Tube is hardly a highly exciting product but non the less is quite useful to have around. You can repair inner tubes with normal cycle repair kits but if out for the day it is easier to just swap over with a spare and sort out the puncture when you get home! Also if you repair an inner tube more than 3 times then it is normally time to get a new one. 

We now have two options in Dirt Scooter Tube Quality:
  1. The Standard Inner Tube
  2. The Premium Inner Tube, made by Cheng Shin to a higher quality than normal factory tubes. Tougher around the valve connection and general construction. Built for performance and strength, but more expensive! 
Dirt Scooter Inner Tubes:
200-50 fits 8 inch tyres
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