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Dirt Scooters - MBS

Dirt Scooters are the latest all terrain scooter for riding even the roughest of terrain. There are currently Dirt Scooters available from Uk Company Dirt Scoots, US Brand Phase Two which is ran with Razor and also Royal Scooters which is part of MBS Mountainboards. Because we have been involved in Mountain Boarding for so many years we already have access to some awesome accessories and spares that will fit straight onto your Dirt Scooter including Coloured Tyres, Inner Tubes, Hubs/Wheels and More!
MBS mountain boards continues to refine its products and support the growth of the industry. MBS riders continue to dominate competitions all over the world and our employees, riders and friends continue to help introduce the sport to new people year after year.
MBS - Scooter Roadie Tyre

MBS Scooter Roadie Tyre

MBS Roadie Scooter Tyres are ideal if you want to shred the pavements with your Dirt Scooter instead of shredding rubber. Perfect for street & skatepark riding. Sold Individually.
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MBS - Scooter Roadie Tyre Purple

MBS Scooter Roadie Tyre Purple

MBS Roadie tyres in purple are great for riders wanting to ride concrete & tarmac fast, and with plenty of grip. Great for street & skatepark riding on your dirt scooter.
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MBS - T1 Dirt Scoot Tyre

MBS T1 Dirt Scoot Tyre

MBS T1 Dirt Scoot Tyre feature MBS's original custom thread. Its the fastest 8" tyre on the market & a top choice for both mountain boarders & dirt scooter riders.
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MBS - T3 Dirt Scoot Tyres

MBS T3 Dirt Scoot Tyres

MBS T3 Dirt Scoot Tyres are a brilliant to customise the look & ride of your dirt scooter. MBS T3's provide excellent grip across all terrains from soft dirt to grass.
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