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Kitesurfing Accessories - Flysurfer

Kitesurfing Accessories, from depower bars and line sets to kite bridle and bladders. we have a selection of accessories for the water kiter including kitesurf board bags.
Flysurfer are a truly innovative and original company specialising in advanced kitesurfing closed cell foil kites and boards. Riders designing for other riders! A match made in heaven and Flysurfer is best known for their ultra efficient light wind kites and boards but now also has inflatable kites and great freestyle boards too.
Flysurfer - Depower Line for Infinity Bar

Flysurfer Depower Line for Infinity Bar

These seem to wear over time, replace them before they break and keep a spare handy. The depower Line is the grey line that goes from the chicken loop through the bar and back down.
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Flysurfer - FLS Endline (Safety) Infinity 3.0 Airstyle Bar

Flysurfer FLS Endline (Safety) Infinity 3.0 Airstyle Bar

This is the FLS Safety Line for the Flysurfer Infinity 3.0 Airstyle bar. This joins the front flying line with the splice fitted.
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new Flysurfer - Force Control Bar

Flysurfer Force Control Bar

The Force is the latest version of Flysurfers control bar and is a complete redesign from the older bars. New bar, loop and everything. Awesome new update that fits the foils and tube kites.
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Flysurfer - Speed Flying Lines

Flysurfer Speed Flying Lines

Simply replacement flying lines for a flysurfer speed 3, 4 or Speed 5 kite. 21m length in top flysurfer quality, buy as single lines or as a full set.
£44.95 - £158.95
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Flysurfer - Speed Pulley Lines

Flysurfer Speed Pulley Lines

The Pulley lines on a Flysurfer Speed wear and stretch in general use so it's worth replacing before breaking, always replace all pulley lines together for safety.
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new Flysurfer - V3 Infinity Airstyle CC Bar

Flysurfer V3 Infinity Airstyle CC Bar

The Flysurfer Infinity V3 CC bar is the bar found on the 2019 Flysurfer kites including the Soul Boost3. It comes with the new spinning chicken loop and clamcleat depower line.
£430.00 - £475.00
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