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Ozone Pushaway Chicken Loop and Depower Line

the chicken loop Ozone riders have been waiting for

New for 2014 the muchly anticipated upgrade chicken loop from Ozone. This new system features push away safety and works with a spinning safety system.

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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The 2014 Push Away Chicken Loop from Ozone. If you are anything like us you have been patiently waiting the last couple of years for two things on your Ozone rig. A fully spinning safety system and a central push away safety! Well, 2014 is the year for Ozone. Magasines have thrived on the lack of these features for many years in the "need to change" "what not to like" section of their articles. We would just like to say good luck to those guys and gals now needing to write something negative about any of the features of an Ozone kite. 

This awesome new system does require 3 separate parts to get it working on your current generation Ozone bar (and as pictured) You will need the correct flag out safety line:

The spinning leash attachment finally gives Ozone users the ability to have a spinning safety system! You can find this item on the link attached.
There are Two versions of this loop, the Contact bar which is standard for the catalyst, reo, edge, zephyr etc and also the C4 version which is just for the C4 as it has a shorter depower throw and also large chicken loop for easier unhooking etc.  Please order the correct flag out line for both bars separately.

If you are looking to fit this ozone push loop to an older ozone contact bar please view this video for instructions and information

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.