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WMFG Kiteboard Pump 4.0T XL (Tall 29L)

the only kitepump you would ever want and free uk shipping

This is the only and perfect pump for all kitesurfers. Even if you are happy with your existing pump you don't know what you are missing out on! WMFG have solved a problem most of us didn't know existed!

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This is the Kitepump that everyone has been talking about but no-one believes its so good until using it! The humble kitepump has been the forgotten about accessory from most kite brands these days. Plus it's even not included by many companies with the complete kite package! So don't mess about with rubbishy airbed pumps just get this WMFG 4.0T XL Kitepump and never want to use another pump again!  It is £55 but damn it's worth it!

We thought it was all hype until we tried one in anger at one of our demo days pumping up 10 kites 12m and above in record time and not feeling like I wanted to go and die after! There are many major differences to old pumps and some minor ones compared to some of the new pumps arriving this year.

So what is the difference from the WMFG 1.0T to the new 3.0T? Well there is now a new superflex hose and a new lever switch to change from single to double action instead of taking the bung out. Also upgrade of the seals and sand filters to just take the best pump up to even better than before.

WMFG 3.0T Pump Guage Lever Details

WMFG Tall Kitepump 4.0T XL Advantages and Features:

  • Super tall and wide bore = more air per stroke and less back ache.
  • Smooth and solid internal seals means cleaner stroke even after warmed up from a lot of pumping.
  • Single and Double Action by just twisting a switch. Easy for quick big inflation and then get the pressure right without a sweat.
  • Comfortable handle and footpads big enough to fit your feet
  • Pressure Gauge integrated in the handle.
  • So many adaptors it fits all brands and can customise the ones tied on for your quiver.
  • Simple pump leash to attach to kite when pumping.
  • Inflates up to 13PSI which is way more than most brands want you to so be careful to watch the gauge!
  • Simply the finest kitepump ever produced!

There are several brands like Ozone, North, Core and others that have a new pump that looks similar to the WMFG but is actually about 4in smaller so that makes 8in stroke length difference which is quite a lot. We haven't compared the internals but the WMFG Pump seems to have lower friction and also has the single/double action switch which is super invaluable. Personally we aren't changing to another pump at ATBShop and are flighting to get this demo one when going in different directions riding at a weekend!

Height: 24"/61cm (Extra Tall!)
Diameter: 10"/25.4cm
Capacity: 2.9L/Stroke

Adaptors included with WMFG Kitepump 2.0T

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