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Kitesurfing Kites - Flysurfer

The Kitesurf kite is a important part and the right help in selection is essential. If you are a beginner kitesurfer getting started or after your next kite quiver at the right price, we can help. We fly everything listed on our site and can often provide demos when available.
Flysurfer are a truly innovative and original company specialising in advanced kitesurfing closed cell foil kites and boards. Riders designing for other riders! A match made in heaven and Flysurfer is best known for their ultra efficient light wind kites and boards but now also has inflatable kites and great freestyle boards too.
Flysurfer - Sonic2 Race Kite

Flysurfer Sonic2 Race Kite

The Flysurfer Sonic2 is the pinnacle of race performance striking a balance between efficiency and ultra high aspect race kite. Designed from Flysurfer's paragliding background.
£1665.00 - £2425.00
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new Flysurfer - Soul Kitesurf Kite

Flysurfer Soul Kitesurf Kite

Ahead of its time in every aspect, the Flysurfer Soul is the talk of the industry and for good reason. Exercising control, stability and power like no other!
£1330.00 - £2280.00
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Flysurfer - Viron 2 Dlx Trainer Kitesurf Kite

Flysurfer Viron 2 Dlx Trainer Kitesurf Kite

The Flysurfer Viron2 DLX is designed for smaller riders trying their hand at flying a water re-launchable kite. Super durable due to its foil design and no pump required.
£475.00 - £950.00
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Kitesurfing is an awesome sport which can be done by just about anyone. We have beginner kites, freeride kites, freestyle kites and wave kites. We do not sell every kite brand but we ride, enjoy and specialise in the brands we stock. We only stock the brands and models that give us the stoke on the water. We can normally get hold of other models from the brands we list, so if you want something special please contact us. If you want more background on kitesurfing then check out our article What is Kitesurfing