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Flysurfer Sonic2 Race Kite

The Flysurfer Sonic2 is the pinnacle of race performance striking a balance between efficiency and ultra high aspect race kite. Designed from Flysurfer's paragliding background.

£1665.00 - £2425.00
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Flysurfer V3 Infinity Airstyle CC Bar
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The Flysurfer Sonic2 is the ultimate  high performance race kite for land, snow and water from Flysurfer. Taking the most advanced technology from Flysurfer's paragliding dept and tested and designed with the best hydrofoil and snowkite riders. The Sonic-FR kite gets the perfect balance between maximum efficiency possible and ultra high aspect ratio ram-air foil.  This is not a kite for beginners but those that want the peak performance possible and the highest speeds.

If you are new to foil kites then the Flysurfer Speed5 may be a much better start to this type of kite the Sonic2 needs some foil kite experience before diving in as launching, landing and relaunch are much harder due to the high performance design of the kite.

Flysurfer Sonic2 Race Foil Kite

Available in 6m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m and 18m sizes the Flysurfer Sonic2 Kite has been IKA Registered.

  • Ultra high performance race wing with 3D shaped profiling, resulting in extreme performance, wing efficiency and hangtime
  • Flat winglet technology
  • Rigid foil technology
  • Adaptive air intake valves
  • Unique and unmatched light-wind performance
  • Control with maximum performance
  • Infinity 3.0 Race control bar setup with exclusive "low drag" kite lines, giving maximum efficiency while retaining maximum breaking loads
  • IKA registration
  • Excluded from Free Repair Warranty (Kite only / Racebar)

Sonic FR 6m "kite only" - £1,545.00
Sonic FR 9m "kite only" - £1,685.00
Sonic FR 11m "kite only" - £1,820.00
Sonic FR 13m "kite only" - £1,955.00
Sonic FR 15m "kite only" - £2,140.00
Sonic FR 18m "kite only" £2,275.00

Infinity Airstyle Bar 50cm £410 (6m to 15m sizes)
Infinity Airstyle Bar 60cm £455 (18m only)
Infinity Race Bar 50cm £455 (6m to 15m sizes)
Infinity Race Bar 60cm £455 (18m only)

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