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Flysurfer Speed5 Kitesurf Kite

The legendary Flysurfer Speed kite has a new version for 2016! The Flysurfer Speed5 has moved the kite to new levels of usability and development. The best just got better!

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The Flysurfer Speed range has been legendary in its 10 years of success and the Flysurfer team are constantly trying to progress the best of the best. They are exploring new directions for the kite, but are never want to produce a kite that doesn't better its predecessor. That is a super hard job when the Speed3 and Speed4 Lotus are such amazing kites with great reputations. The classic Speed now undergoes a facelift and comes with improved performance and use-ability. An amazing all round foil kite for land, water or snow the Flysurfer Speed is a legend!

What has been done to the kite? Basically an improvement in usability to make it easier to pop, float and freestyle like never before as well as freeride and go all locations easier. 

Access to all Areas:

What Flysurfer mean here is the Speed5 is their best kite for high all-round performance no matter what terrain you choose to ride or even your ability level. The Speed5 is a multi use kite on the water with just at home with big air and freestyle as a freerider and simple racer. On land the Speed5 offers awesome freestyle for landboarders and buggy riders with tough material and construction it is perfect for even roughest sessions on land. On the Snow then the stability and reliable performance is perfect to get that session on the flat or gliding.

Range of Use:
Combining all the best features from it's heritage the Flysurfer Speed5 offers incredible wind range from low end to strong winds, high stability and easy steering along with good relaunch and depower range enable the Speed5 to be really controllable as well as safe. The Speed5 gives the biggest wind range of all Flysurfer products and with it's contruction and depower it performs great in low end and strong winds. The Speed has always been well known for light wind performance but the Speed5 moves forward in smaller sizes from the Lotus to give performance in all wind conditions.

Big Air:
The development for the Flysurfer Speed5 Kite focused on easy handing but the result is a fast setup easy steering and riding kite with simple launch and land. But because of it's steady lift increase then take offs and jumps are high and controllable for classic old school style tricks and the gliding style that most people started kitesurfing for! An aspect ration of 6.15 is long but not crazy like the race foils also profile optimisation and rigid foils increase the glide.  So results in comparison to the Speed4 Lotus as Stronger Pop, higher height and longer hangtime but also slightly better upwind performance.  Add to that the faster and more accurate turning it makes the Speed5 a blast in the sky.

Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Detail

Flysurfer Speed 5 Technical Features:

  • DLX+ Cloth - this is the newest material from flysurfer and was exclusivly produced for the Speed5. It's base fabric is stronger with improved air density, this extends the durability and resistance of the canopy from ageing and also has new colours never before possible.
  • Strong Construction - the internal structure raises flysurfer's quality to a new level, double stitched seams and taped ribs and straps provide more stability and durability.
  • Auto Drainage System - The reliable drainage system integrated into the canopy  and openings about 100mm wide are at both ends of the trailing edge near the tips. These enable water and sand to drain automatically without affecting the kite performance.
  • Triple Depower Technology - This flysurfer speed trademark!
    1. Depowering moving the bar away modifies the agle of attack.
    2. The adaptive canopy curve modifies the kite power.
    3. Modifying the mixer the camber in the airfoil adjusts to wind conditions. For light winds a bulbous camber is better while a flat airfoil is best for stronger winds.
  • LIROS Dyneema Lines  - Flysurfer trust the LIROS lines that are produced in Germany to a super high standard. Thanks to their Dyneema core a reduced line diameter is done without reducing strength.
  • Optional 5th Line - by default the kite uses FLS (front line safety) but if you want there is a special 5th line system (FDS system) for complete depower safety in the mountains.
  • Double Cordwise Ballooning - This insures the canopy inflates to the perfect 3D shape it is supposed to be. This minimises creases and endures optimum performance and aerodynamics.
  • Rigid Foil Technology (RFT) - This reduces wrinkles in the cloth and leading edge giving reduced drag and increasing lift and translates every gust into propultion without deformation. Overall RFT increases dynamics while keeping a lightweight and small pack size.
  • Uniform Bar Setup - Now running on the Infinity 3.0 Control Bar, it is only necessary to ensure the stopper knot is on the right position for the FLS position for the kite of choice.
  • 12 month Free Repair Warrantee by Flysurfer.



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