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Ozone C4 Kitesurfing Kite

2014 C4 is a full redesign and comes with the new push away chickenloop

The 2014 version of the Ozone C4 has returned to what the C4 was originally made to do. Ozone have stepped back from the pure wakestyle & put some more dynamics back in.

RRP £805.00 £985.00 - £1615.00
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Ozone Kiteboarding C4 2014 Kitesurfing Kite 
The Ozone C4 is all about making new school freestyle accessible and fun. It is designed with no compromises, fulfilling top freestylers needs, whilst maintaining an easy to ride feel keeping the rider comfortable in all conditions. New this season is a modified planform and arc to help reduce the heavy tow feeling than can occur on C-kites when over-powered. Profile thicknesses have been refined aiding kite stability during unhooked maneuvers, the C4s pop and drop reactivity is now more user friendly and accessible to intermediate riders.

The Variable Bridle Geometry settings give the option of two kites in one and takes only a short moment to change with no lines to add or remove. These two settings boast advanced unhooked attributes as well as comfort and easy to reach performance.
New School - The C4 ships standard on this setting, offering a heavier and direct feel, with a more powerful load up and pop perfectly suited to Freestyle and Wakestyle riders.
Free Ride - The Freeride setting offers a lighter bar feel and increased de-power which is ideal for Freeriding and also in the waves. To use this setting simply shift the middle bridle lines to the pigtail knot closest to the leading edge.

New 6m and 14m sizes have been added for this season. We refined the 6m to have both high and low end advantages over the previous 5m in similar wind conditions. The 14m is designed to bridge the gap between the previous 13m and 15m with solid low end grunt and high end control.

Ozone C4 2014 Kite Only Prices:

2014 C4 6m £920
2014 C4 7m £985
2014 C4 8m £1030
2014 C4 9m £1075
2014 C4 10m £1105
2014 C4 11m £1150
2014 C4 12m £1190
2014 C4 14m £1255

C4 2014 Contact bar, lines, leash, bag and pump £360

Ozone C4 2014 design and performance features:


2014 C4 construction features:

  • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials
  • Teijin Techno Force sail material
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron for the LE & Struts
  • Internal reinforcements for improved durability
  • Double stitched bonded seams
  • Dacron reinforced tip area for load distribution
  • Reinforced leading edge and struts in high stress areas
  • Reinforced trailing edge
  • Light weight & low profile aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads
  • Unique bladder construction with double layer section in wear areas
  • Ozone warranty and back-up service guaranteed

We recommend the C4 Control System to be used with all sizes of C4. The 23m lines suit unhooked riding on any size, also in high winds with smaller sizes 10m and below. In lighter winds and on the larger sizes we recommend attaching the 2m extensions for a 25m line length. The C4 Control System offers a clean control bar design, simple safety and an easy-to-use trimming system.

We recommend the C4 Control System to be used with all sizes of C4. The 23m lines suit unhooked riding on any size C4, also in high winds with smaller sizes 10m and below. The C4 Control System offers a clean control bar design, simple safety and an easy-to-use trimming system.

  • 4-line pulley-less system (no pulleys, no problems)
  • Variable Bridle Geometry - New School (standard) & Free Ride settings
  • Modified planform and arc reducing tow feeling
  • Refined profile thicknesses aiding kite stability
  • Explosive pop and hang time
  • Easy back line re-launch
  • Comparable feeling throughout the size range
  • One-Pump system for quick and easy setup
  • High volume inflate/deflate valve
  • Multiple trimming options for customized handling and bar pressure
  • Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors
  • Push Away Quick Release – The control system features a new Megatron pushaway quick release safety with total flag out of the kite. The release handle is ergonomic with positive release forces (under 8kg) allowing for quick and easy release. Simple re-assembly saves time and gets you back up and riding faster. 
  • Two Safety Modes – The Megatron offers riders a choice of two safety modes, the recommended standard safety or the optional Suicide safety. 
  • • The standard Flag out safety offers 100% flag out in all situations by releasing the Megatron or letting go of the bar when un-hooked 
  • • The Suicide option offers 100% flag out only when the Megatron is released whilst hooked in, allowing riders practicing handle passes to let go of the bar with out flagging the kites safety (not recommended) Anti-twist 100% 
  • Flag Out Line – The flag out line running through the Megatron & safety leash attachment at the bottom keeps the leash tangle free when doing rotations and manually unwinding the centre lines using the Spinning Handle. 
  • Low Friction Centre Piece – The control bar features a low friction aluminum centre piece designed to reduce trim line wear. 
  • Auto Positioning Chicken Loop – Designed in conjunction with the bar centre piece, the Megatron spinning handle allows chicken loop auto positioning, offering easy unhooked riding and hooking back in. 
  • Magnetic trim handle system – The Magnetic trim handle connects to a magnetic neoprene sock covering the clam cleat to reduce tangles when the trimmer is depowered. 
  • PU Covered trim line & cast stainless steel de-power ring – The tough PU covered trim significantly reduces wear when sheeting in and out, whilst the smooth running de-power ring also prevents trim line wear.
ATBShop Ozone C4 2013 Review:
After spending a good amount of time on the new 9m and 11m Ozone C4 we are really happy to be stocking these kites. The C4 was in need of manning up a little bit and this year the kite is better than ever. The kites remain extremely smooth but have much better power delivery for unhooking. Despite the C4 being more aimed at wakestyle (it ships with the larger chicken loop and on wake setup) It is still easy and forgiving to fly. The kite unhooks on the fly now without any trim which is perfect when you are on and off the chicken loop a lot. The kites are still boosty, and when you crank the bar the 9m is rapid! The 11m makes a great freeride kite for those who want to boost and cruise at their own pace.   

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.