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Ozone Chrono V3 Kitesurfing Foil Kite

race foil kite meets freeride foil in chrono v3

The evolution of the Ozone Chrono has widened it's usability and audience and now is an amazing high performance foil kite for all terrains. If you want to go fast and jump the Chrono V3 has it all!

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The original Ozone Chrono was the first closed cell foil from Ozone and had loads of new high performance features but was a bit of a handful at times due to it's performance. But it was embraced with riders from all disciplines using it in conditions the designers had never imagined so the redesign for the Ozone Chrono V3 took over a year to get the kite the riders had been asking for! The bleeding edge tech R1 also came out in this time and the learning and design from that has helped shape the  chrono. Therefore the new Ozone Chrono V3 takes the previous performance and adds loads more stability and ease of use plus durability to the original concept and gives us an amazing race performance kite that also has great lift and float and general versatility for many riders.  We spent quite a bit of time with the 15m on a recent trip to Egypt and were amazed at the versatility and performance on a standard twin tip compared to other foil kites and also lightwind tube kites.

Ozone Chrono V2 testing in Egypt with ATBShop

Don't get us wrong this is still a high performance foil kite that you don't really want to get it sunk or caught in waves (see video at bottom of this page) but for water, snow or land this has much more control than the older Chrono. This kite needs you to have some previous foil experience to get the best from flying it as it's not a LEI in the air! Also this season many more sizes gives a kite for whatever you local conditions dictate. The larger sizes are awesome water light wind kites while the smaller ones open up riding with a foil you never thought on water! Also a favourite for hydrofoil riders the steady power and efficiency just work hand in hand together with the hydrofoil board.

Check out the designer tech talk video to get all the main information about the changes and what the kite can do. Give us a call or drop us an email and talk it though if you are looking for your first race foil kite and are unsure what you should be looking for.

Ozone Chrono V3 Wind Range Chart

There are Two different bars you can use with the Chrono V3 the freeride contact bar and the race bar. They are shown below here to see the difference. The freeride bar is similar to the normal contact bar but with the landing strap. The Race bar has a much bigger depower line and depower adjustment. This allows the rider to dial the kite into their tack in a race and have more wind range from the kite. The downside to the race depower is the long bit of rope which if you are jumping etc does get in the way. The simple way to decide is if you are mostly after freeride and freestyle with the kite then the standard bar is perfect. If you are a serious racer then the race bar is the one to go for. (please note we price our complete chrono v3 kites based on the freeride bar the race bar is £20 more expensive if you require it?)

Ozone Chrono V3 Bar Optons

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If you are new to closed cell foil kites this video of tips from ozone on the older chrono is a great idea of what you would be in for.

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.