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Landyachtz Switch

The Landyachtz Switch is a legendary board that brought about the drop down style. Still the one of the best for stability for fast freeride and sliding.

£149.99 - £279.00
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The Landyachtz Switch 40in Version - Backwards is the new forwards. A symmetrical design that makes switch feel like regular (well almost). The Switch's shape comes high up the hips creating walls(Gnar Bars) at either end of the EFP(effective foot platform). Deep Concave and Gnar Bars give riders more board feel and better control than ever before. The dropped riding platform provides a lower center of gravity making it easier to drift corners and break into slides. All of this in one package, you might just be riding this board for ever.

Landyachtz ever popular freeride specific board which has helped define the emerging ride style of today's longboarder. This board has given riders of all levels the chance to experience the new school freeride movement making stand up slides and drifting easier than ever.

The Landyachtz Switch paved the way for Drop-Down technology in the freeride market. Still a top-selling board, it continues to offer advanced features designed to create a simplified, purpose built ride. Dropped 1.8”, the lowered ride height increases stability and makes pushing easier because the rider is closer to the ground. The concave features foot pockets, providing a snowboard-like locked-in feel, increasing control. The Switch provides a comfortable stance for both cruising the streets and charging the hills

-Mirrored Twin tip shape making 180's and switch riding a real possibility

-Built with a 1.75" dropped platform that has 24.5" of usable foot space.

-Dropped hips on the foot platform allow you to lock your feet onto the board giving you added support

Landyachtz Switch Deck Only: £149.99
Landyachtz Switch Complete: £289 (Bears/Mini Monster Hawgs)
Or build your own delight with our setup builder:

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