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Blunt Galaxy Deep Red Scooter Griptape

Blunt Galaxy Deep Red Scooter Griptape

We love space and how incredible it looks. Gaze straight into the Nebulae and Superclusters of the Deep Red grip tape now in 6in Wide. Self adhesive backing makes fitting effortless.

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The new galaxy series from Blunt and Envy is by far some of the gnarliest grip tapes we have here at ATBshop. Stunning graphics of the night sky, this one specifically is a very dark red, with some bright notes through the use of nebulae and supernovas. Just don't forget you're scooting and to not get too distracted!

Blunt have re-sized their grip to keep up with the trends of scooters getting larger and is now in 6in Wide and 23in Long. We dont have a deck in store this griptape wont fit!


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