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Scooter Accessories - Blunt

We stock a wide range of upgrades and replacements for stunt scooters from brands like Apex, Tilt, Addict, Ethic, ODI, Hella and loads more!

Whether you are riding your first beginner scooter or throwing big tricks in the skate park or street we stock all the parts to help repair your ride.

We stock handle bar grips, quad clamps, compression kits, SCS, threaded and threadless forks, HIC, spring and flex fender brakes, decks, griptape, sealed headsets, axles, wheel bearings, stunt pegs and more!

Blunt Scooters is an Australian based company operating out of Melbourne. All of the products are designed and manufactured by the Blunt specialist team that all have backgrounds in BMX, Skating and Scootering.
Blunt - Abec 9 Scooter Bearings

Blunt Abec 9 Scooter Bearings

Blunt Abec9 Scooter Bearings are great quality come in a pack of 4 with spacers in a nice tin. Get moving faster with some fresh bearings!
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new Blunt - Headset Bar Spacers 3 Pack

Blunt Headset Bar Spacers 3 Pack

Headset spacers come in handy to make your SCS compression clamp sit higher up the scooters fork, meaning no mods are required to get various forks to suit your setup.
£5.95 - £6.95
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Blunt - SCS Bar Adaptor Insert

Blunt SCS Bar Adaptor Insert

You want your full height of bars without cutting the slit off for SCS compression? Then you need the Blunt Scooters SCS Bar Adaptor. Hammer in your standard bars to use with SCS.
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new Blunt - V2 TwoTone Flangeless Scooter Hand Grips

Blunt V2 TwoTone Flangeless Scooter Hand Grips

The Blunt Envy Two Tone Red Black Flangeless V2 Scooter Bar Grips are longer than the average scooter grip and are perfect for riders wanting maximum comfort.
£9.95 - £10.95
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Blunt - Nylon Brake Black

Blunt Nylon Brake Black

Fitting 100 to 120mm wheels this Nylon Flex Brake by Blunt is designed for Blunt AOS and KOS series decks and completes.
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