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Tilt Topo Handlebar Grips in Black

Tilt Topo Handlebar Grips in Black

Evolved from the Tilt Continental Grips, the Topo Grips are longer and thicker for more comfort and control. Extra length gives further grip even with wider bars.

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The Tilt Topo Grips in black are here. Evolved from the Continentals these new Topo Grips are thicker for comfort and impact resist and longer for the ever changing, wider scooter bars. The pattern is inspired by topographical maps and provides a unique grip. Topping the cake with the cherry, these grips are produced by the leading grip manufacture ODI. 

16cm Long and with Tilt Script Nylon Bar Ends included, these flangeless grips are a hot new addition to the custom scooter wall.

Tilt Topo Handlebar Grips in Black


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