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Scooter Headsets - MGP

We have a selection of Standard, Sealed, Threadless and Integrated scooter headsets for replacing, upgrading and maintaining your ride! Most of our headsets are a standard 1 1/8inch size so the main difference when purchasing is between integrated and standard fitments. We always recommend sealed headsets for fluidity and durability whilst riding.
MGP (MADD Gear Pro) Scooters are the perfect scooter for anyone who likes to take it to the extreme! Described as virtually indestructible, MGP Scooters are the perfect scooters for tricks and stunts. The world's gone mad for MADD Scooters, now it's your turn!
MGP - MFX HZ18 Mini HIC Fully Integrated Headset

MGP MFX HZ18 Mini HIC Fully Integrated Headset

Compatible with every MGP Integrated scooter deck, and Mini HIC - VX7 VX8 Pro - Team - Nitro and Extreme. This headset is fully integrated and sealed.
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