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River Wheel Co Glide Juzzy Carter Pro 110mm Serenity Wheel

The River Wheel Glide by Juzzy Carter on silver Spoked core are a strong, responsive and durable wheel perfect for street riding. Including bearings and made in USA.

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If you're looking for a high speed upgrade for your scooter, these River Wheels Glide are the answer for you. Speed like no other, super smooth and super durable. This massively advanced scooter wheel absorbs impacts due to the pouring process and including BUFF technology preventing de-hubbing. 

These wheels are perfectly balanced between weight and durability providing you with a perfect ride every time, time after time. Bearing removal slots allow easy maintenance and switching of bearings.

The River Glide s perfected to match Juzzy Carter's  stye of riding which is fluid, technical and fast.  Check out his riding below: 



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