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Dominator Airborne Scooter in Neochrome and Black

Stepping up from the range, this scooter is lightweight whilst maintaining strength and durability. The Airborne Scooter is the first Dominator released in the ever popular Neochrome colour.

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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The Dominator Scooters are a new brand evolved alongside District Scooters. With 110mm District Wheels, District Grips and Headset and finished off with the Dominator deck in Neochrome .

The bars on this scooter are a 170mm 1 piece bar made from HTQ195 steel. These sit on the M6 triple clamp from grade 8 steel. Under all of this we have a HIC cold forged aluminium fork producing one of the lightest, yet strongest dominator scooters on the market. 


About Dominator:

Originating out of the USA Dominator Scooters are one of the foundational brands within the freestyle scooter industry and are recognised value for money scooter brand.  Back in 2009  the first full batch of Dominator Scooters produced and quickly gaining rider acknowledgement. It became clear early on that top-quality complete scooters we needed to be designed and priced from beginner to intermediate level. Originally launched as a parts brand they now run a range of complete scooters for all levels of riders.

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