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Santa Cruz Slime Balls Squirt Vom Mini 97a Blue 56mm

Santa Cruz Slime Balls Squirt Vom Mini 97a Blue 56mm

Slimeballs have made a return. Santa Cruz have found the piece of history that is the Slime Mould and remade the industries most popular wheel. Duro of 97a at 56m.

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Retro Skaters or just those wanting to shop their respects to the vintage skaters. These 80s classics from Santa Cruise are back with a reissue of the ever popular Santa Cruz Slime Ball Mini Voms. These wheels should need no introduction but if you are new to the slime then please, continue reading. 

Santa Cruz have used the original mould for these wheels, along with the classic PU recipe, the warpaint graphic, the logo and the epic trademark. Nothing has changed since the 80s and this is exactly what we wanted to see. You cant upgrade perfection!

the 97a Slimeball Formula is poured into a reversible dead centre bearing and no flex edges. This means you can have your wheels graphic out, or in without comprimising the performance. This is one of the sickest, fasted and most controlable wheel which slides beautifully on command. Less chipping, less coning, no bearing stretch, no softening and certainly no speed loss. 

Santa Cruz have brought in one of the most popular size of the modern skater - 56mm

Specifications of Santa Cruz Slimer Balls Mini Voms 56mm

  • 56mm Diameter
  • 97a Hardness
  • 21.5mm Contact
  • 37mm Wide
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