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Mystic Majestic X Carbon Waist Harness Black with Bar

The answer to lightweight and minimalist design with uncanning support and performance! The Majestic X features a superior rigid carbon design for those serious about kiteboarding!

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Here it is, the highly anticipated arrival of Mystic's Majestic X Carbon waist harness featuring a patented full carbon Bionic Core Frame offering a huge level of support and comfort like no other! Mystic's first hard shell harness has got us super stoked here at ATBShop for the level of quality and usability of this harness has been thought over in every tiny little detail.

Supplied with Mystic Clicker Bar Spreader included.

Using a horizontal stiffness across the cabon back panel, the Majestic X still allows you to twist your body comfortably by flexing  in the other axises offering a more natural feel when moving yet still maintaining the required support across the X axis. For exceptional comfort we have an intelligent Viscoelastic foam (similar to memory foam) that moulds to your body shape and curvature of your back each time you put it on. This also helps lock the harness in around your waist without any discomfort. Only to add to this we have Mystic's fool proof battle belt system and a non-slip, thermoformed EVA foam wrap around your waist for extra grip and no slip!

Mystic Majestic X Carbon waist harness spreader barThe Majestic X features an all new Click R Speader Bar with 4 strap system making it even easier to get in and out of your harness and preventing it from riding up when the kite is above you! This system also features a leash eye attachment for those who ride short leashes!

Instead of your typical epoxy resin found in other hard shell harnesses the patented Bionic Core Frame uses a 200% stronger thermoplastic composite developed by a german specialist to increase flex where it matters while remaining strong against impacts. This thermo plastic composite material is formed under extreme pressure to deliver the quality finished product; The Majestic X.

The Mystic Majestic X Carbon waist harness features:

  • Bionic Core Carbon Frame
  • IV (Intelligent Viscoelastic) Foam
  • Battlebelt closure
  • Click R Bar
  • 4 Strap system
  • Non Slip EVA Mould
  • Leash Eye attachment
  • Key Pocket

Mystic Majestic X Carbon waist harness back panel

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