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Ozone Catalyst Beginner Intermediate Kitesurf Package

Are you looking for your first quiver of kites but cant quite make the stretch on price? We've got your back! The Ozone Catalyst is the perfect kite to throw into a beginner bundle!

£1379.00 - £2095.00
In Stock & Available for delivery

Introducing the increasingly popular Ozone Catalyst V1; a user friendly, easy re-launchable kite that is forgiving for those starting off in the world of kiting or for those just looking for the best answer in free ride/ freestyle kitesurfing. Providing a solid transfer of energy from kite through to the bar, the Catalyst V1 gives you the grunt you require to keep the juices flowing and the excitement growing not only making this kite ideal for beginners, but also perfect for those at an intermediate level looking to push into other disciplines of the sport such as freestyle, directionals and even hydrofoils! Here at ATBShop we have been left astonished by the wind range of the Catalyst V1 making it the perfect choice for those looking to get their first kite without forking out the money for a second kite straight away!

If you would like to know more about the Ozone Catalyst V1, click HERE for the product listing.Ozone Catalyst Beginner Intermediate kitesurfing Package in listing photo

Alongside this deal we have added in a CrazyFly Allround Complete Kiteboard which is exactly what it says on the tin when it comes to providing outstanding comfortable and performance in a huge range of conditions. Another excellent piece of kit tried and true that will match up beautifully with the Catalyst V1 to make the perfect option for anyone starting out or looking for a sweet package deal!

If you would like to now more about the CrazyFly Allround, Click HERE for the product listing.

CrazyFly Allround kitesurfing board 2017 in listing complete with strapsThe packages we have to offer are:

Option 1:  Catalyst 12m + Contact Bar + Pump + Allround Kiteboard 137cm   - Package price: £1,459.00   - RRP: £1,783.00

Option 2:  Catalyst 10m + Contact Bar + Pump + Allround Kiteboard 137cm  - Package price: £1,379.00  - RRP: £1,698.00

Option 3:  Catalyst 9m + 12m + Contact Bar + Pump + Allround Kiteboard 137cm  - Package price: £2,633.00  - RRP: £2,095.00

CrazyFly Allround is now available in sizes 135cm and 138cm. If a beginner then the 138cm is probably the best and default option with this package. If you are unsure about which size to go for please don't hesitate to call us on: 01793 523244 for advice.
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