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Liquid Force Kites P1 v1 Kitesurfing Kite

The latest in innovation brought to you by Liquid Force Kiteboarding, the P1 shapes the future of response, control and unmatching stability in the water and the clouds!

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Liquid Force Kites Mission Control System V2 Kitesurfing Bar
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An entirely new kite, and entire new era of kiteboarding. The Liquid Force P1 has been in the planning for some time now to fill the gap between all around free ride/ freestyle and your go to, go big looper kite to have your turn to fly amongst the clouds. Defy the laws of physics with upmost control and stability offering outstanding performance across the board of conditions, delivering the smoothest balance between power generation and bar feedback uniting rider and kite for a session on the water you will never forget. Breaking the Liquid Force kite paradigm the LFK P1 v1 excels itself and sits as a benchmark in the whiteboard born and bread freeride/ hooked freestyle performance kite food chain as an offering to any ability; beginner or pro.

Liquid Force P1 v1 Kitesurfing Kite colour range

A five strut design offers a rigid frame and outstanding stability while a forward winged profile generates a progressive power delivering 'sheet and go' feel that keeps the blood pumping. Constructed to last the test of time and abuse the P1 uses Liquid Forces latest and highest grade, super lightweight tejin tech coated triple ripstop nylon with a tejin tension trailing edge to increase strength and reduce flutter. With lightweight bridling thrown in to the mix the P1 offers a lightweight design that flies and relaunches easily in lighter winds offering an incredible wind range.

With Liquid Forces max flow valve to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to get you on to the water the LFK P1 v1 has been designed to bring a smile to your face and adrenaline to your ride. Don't sit about, get out and learn to fly with the all new Liquid Force P1!

The Liquid Force P1 v1 Kitesurfing Kite specifications:

  • Free ride/ freestyle/ boosting machine
  • Beginner to pro
  • Easy relaunch 
  • Progressive power delivery
  • 5th Strut rigid frame and stability
  • Sweeped wing profiling
  • Tapered leading edge tips
  • English stitched leading edge seams
  • Max Flow one pump inflation system
  • Teijin technical coated, triple ripstop nylon
  • Teijin technical coated, triple ripstop nylon trailing edge tension support
  • Pullyless light weight bridling
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