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Scooter Accessories - Addict

We stock a wide range of upgrades and replacements for stunt scooters from brands like Apex, Tilt, Addict, Ethic, ODI, Hella and loads more!

Whether you are riding your first beginner scooter or throwing big tricks in the skate park or street we stock all the parts to help repair your ride.

We stock handle bar grips, quad clamps, compression kits, SCS, threaded and threadless forks, HIC, spring and flex fender brakes, decks, griptape, sealed headsets, axles, wheel bearings, stunt pegs and more!

Addict scooters are designed by the guys behind Dissidence and District scooters. They are bringing lightweight premium accessories to the scooter market. 
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Addict - OG Scooter Hand Grips

Addict OG Scooter Hand Grips

Addict is bringing back one of best scooter grips ever made, Now made with new and better qualities both the bar ends and grips are built to last even longer!
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