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noSno Custom Deck

The pro level deck from noSno is the Custom. Pick the size and thickness to match your height and weight for best response and ride.

£135.00 - £174.99
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The noSno custom Deck is the latest development from noSno. This transforms the perfomance of the board to be much more direct and much more suitable for use with soft bindings rather than full boots and bindings. The extra leverage and full customisation of the length make for a supurb board with much more instant response.

The deck is fully customisable with two length settings and two stance width settings.

There are 4 different decks to fully customise the board for your use.

10 x 750 - Lightweight Stiff deck for lighter riders.
10 x 770 - Stiff Medium Length
12 x 750 - Extra Stiff Standard Length
12 x 770 - Extra Stiff Medium Length
12 x 790 - Extra Stiff Long Length

For full assistance in choosing the right deck and help as to it's fitment on your existing board please call us.

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