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MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren Mountainboard


The top level pro mountainboard for most riders, the MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren has been designed from freestyle street riding and is stiff and responsive to give the maximum performance.

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The MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren Mountainboard is the latest board in the MBS Pro range and has now joined the previous pro 95 and pro 100 into one model. This board shares only  wheels and heritage with the previous Pro models as everything is different from the ground up but the aim is still pro level performance! Designed from Dylan's street riding in Australia in the past years this board has a lot to offer a freestyle rider as well as all round performance mountainboard. Check out the video below to see the board in action with Dylan down under!

The new Pro 97 deck evolves from the new comp95 but is a touch longer, has extra reinforcement and stiffer for more performance plus still has the new asymmetrical concave to keep you locked onto the board giving more shape in the mountainboard deck than we have seen in many years. The new F5 bindings lock you down good even with slim skate trainers then there are the new matrix 2 pro springless trucks saving a lot of weight at the ends of the board. The tried and tested rockstar pro alloy wheels and T1 tyres are always a favourite for race riders and freestyle as offer great grip and slide balance and are super light and fast on a track.

So what we have here is a mbs pro board that has been designed as a freestyle , street riders and jibber's dream! Super responsive with a stiff deck designed to rip up the rails and keep you locked in like glue.  Already equipped with alloys the only addition you could do is add on some heel straps! The skate style graphics and all black look to the board looks amazing up close we look forward to seeing where this street inspired mountainboard brings the sport in the next few years!

MBS Pro 97 Mountainboard Pro Model Dylan Warren Base Detail and Graphics

If you are hankering to keep your Matrix Pro channel trucks then don't fear you can still fit matrix and skate trucks onto the Pro 97 as well as backward compatible to the F4 bindings. So if you want the new deck but wan't to keep your spring trucks then build a custom from the parts. Give us a call if you want help to work out the best fit in parts for your needs.

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MBS PRO 97 Dylan Warren Specification:
  • Overall Weight: 6.6 kg
  • Overall Length: 115.6cm
  • Axle to Axle Length: 95.6cm
  • Deck Construction: Powerlam+ (PBT, Fiberglass, Maple)
  • Deck Stiffness: Very Stiff
  • Deck Tip Angle: 30 degrees
  • Deck Length: 97cm
  • Deck Width: 23.0cm
  • Trucks: Matrix II Pro with ShockBlock (Orange - Hard)
  • Axle Width: 39cm
  • Axle Diameter: 12mm (Hollow)
  • Hub Type: Rock Star Pro Black
  • Tires: Black T1 (8") - 200x50
  • Binding: F5 Ratchet
  • Brake Compatible: Yes

MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren Pro with Matrix 2 Pro Trucks

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