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Trampa Downhill 35 Long Comp Red Black

a board that can hit up all terrains and conquer all that is thrown at it!

The Trampa Downhill 35 Comp Black and Red Mountain Board is great intermediate to advanced mountainboard with Vertigo Trucks, Hypa Hubs, Alpha Tyres and Ratchet bindings.

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The Trampa Downhill 35 Comp Black and Red Mountain Board (35°L, Vertigo Truck, Hypa Hubs, Alpha Tyres and Ratchet bindings)

This is a great intermediate to pro level board from Trampa's range.  There is the long stiff downhill 35 degree deck mounted up with the lightweight and strong Vertigo trucks lightened and setup with the trampa springs and dampas.  Then the connection to the board is with the trampa ratchet bindings which are compatible with heelstraps from mbs or trampa.  The Hypa hubs are tough and lightweight especially with the Primo Alpha Lightweight tyres.  
All in all this is a great board for freeride, freestyle and all round riding.  The only part missing from it being the very top level are the alloy wheels and heelstraps but this is to save spin weight unless you are running in extra high tyre pressures there is not disadvantage to the hypa hubs.

As with all of our Trampa boards they are highly customizable with any brand of component including Trampa, Mbs, Scrub and Kheo. For more information, delivery estimates and prices give us a call or email us! We recommend getting in touch for a list of available compatible components for complete customisation.

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Trampa Downhill 35 L Comp Mountain board Red and Black Spec List:
  • Deck: 35° Long Mountianboard Drilled, edged and fitted with Trampa Treads
  • Complete Board Weight: 15ply =7.0kg 16ply =7.2Kg  17ply =7.4Kg
  • Truck: VerTigo Truck with Steel Kingpin
  • Wheel: Black Gloss Hypa Hubs and Red Alpha tyre
  • Bindings: Black and Red Ratchet Straps Red L Brackets and Red Ratchets.
  • Deck length: 960 mm
  • Deck width: 230 mm
  • Wheel base: 960 mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 8 in
  • Truck Mounting Angle: 35 °
  • Truck Width: 16 in

Recommended decks for rider weights:

Deck Ply 15 ply 16 ply 17 ply
Stiffness Firm Stiff Very Stiff
Rider Weight KG 50-69 kg 63-82 kg 76-120 kg
Rider Weight ST 8-11 stone 10-13 stone 12-19 stone

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.