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Trampa 12S7P Battery Pack 18650 Sony for Monsterbox

This is a battery kit for the standard trampa Monsterbox. Created with a sandwich of 18650 batteries and integrated VESC BMS (Battery Management System) UK Delivery only.

£960.00 - £1080.00
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The Trampa PCB based battery packs are a different approach to traditional 18650 cell style battery packs and lets you safely assemble your own battery pack without soldering or spot welding. With an intergrated BMS (Battery Management System) that is linked into the VESC app connection. This gives up-to date status on your battery at all times. You can even maintain and replace cells if there are problems by undoing the bolts on the battery pack.

There is also the option of including a battery charger. 6A is smaller and lighter charger but will give about 4-6hr charge time. But the punchy 12A  charger will charge the pack in about 2-3 hours.

Please note this product can only be shipped inside the UK due to courier limits. Also this is a kit product so needs assembly.

Check out the video below showing the pack assembly and features:


Contents for the Trampa Battery Pack:

  • 1x Upper PCB For 18650 Battery Box
  • 1x Lower PCB For 18650 Battery Box
  • 168x Massive Battery Rivets Integrated into the 2x PCB's
  • 1x V2 72mm Balance Extender cable to connect the 2x Battery PCB's
  • 1x Glass Fibre UPPER Panel for 18650 Battery Pack
  • 2x Glass Fibre Battery Spacers for 18650 Battery Pack
  • 1x Glass Fibre Lower Panel for 18650 Battery Pack
  • 24x M3x 65mm Hex Spacer Stand Off's
  • 24x M3x 10mm Countersunk TORX Bottom Bolts - Stainless Steel
  • 24x M3x 12mm Countersunk TORX Top Bolts - Stainless Steel
  • 1x FEMALE XT90s Anti Spark Connector
  • 1x MALE XT30 Connector
  • 2x RED TRAMPA 1036 Strand Silicon Coated Cable
  • 2x BLACK TRAMPA 1036 Strand Silicon Coated Cable
  • 2x 80mm BLACK TRAMPA 1036 Strand Silicon Coated Cable
  • 2x 80mm RED TRAMPA 1036 Strand Silicon Coated Cable
  • 2x XT90s Anti Spark Female Connector
  • 2x XT90 Male Connector
  • 2x Professional SOLDERING Charge for MONSTER Box Loop Key
  • 84x 18650 SONY VT6 Batteries makes 12s-7p pack
  • 1x Battery Pack Assembly Charge
  • Weight: 5,202g
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