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Orangatang The Kilmer 69mm Longboard Wheels (pack of 4)

poured in the new PeachyThane formula

The Orangatang Kilmer 69mm centre set bearing freeride wheels are an awesome wheel for many people. Good balance of size and flipable to equalise wear when sliding.

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An ace at both supersonic speeds and tight, hairpin-riddled dogfights.

An ace at both supersonic speeds and tight, hairpin-riddled dogfights, The Kilmer keeps it cool like ice in any freeride-focused mission. The Kilmer is the star student with a size and personality that everyone can love. The Kilmer is skilled and adaptable master of all terrains. Adept at slashing the asphalt point break as well as keeping up the speed for technical freeriding thanks to the supportive, centre set core that will give smoother more predictable slides.


Measure of wheel hardness. Softer wheels (77a-80a and lower) offer more traction and roll smoother and faster over rough surfaces. Harder wheels (83a-86a and higher) slide more easily, offer greater durability, and roll faster over smooth surfaces.

  • The Kilmer Wheels 69mm 80a Orange
  • The Kilmer Wheels 69mm 83a Purple
  • The Kilmer Wheels 69mm 86a Yellow



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