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Mountainboard Accessories - Bindings

Accessories and Spares for mountain board and kite boards. Everything to keep you riding from inner tubes, odd nuts and bolts, trucks, new hubs and tyres. If you don't see what you are after please contact us as we can get pretty much anything!
Kheo - Coil Leash Mountainboard

Kheo Coil Leash Mountainboard

This is the standard coil leash made by kheo which is required and recommended when you ride your board with releasable bindings. Stop those run away boards with a coil leash.
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MBS - F5 Bindings Replacement Ladders

MBS F5 Bindings Replacement Ladders

Accidents happen and ladders wear out on your bindings, grab a new set to freshen up or repair your F5 Bindings. Comes as a full set of 4 Ladders.
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MBS - F5 Ratchet Buckle

MBS F5 Ratchet Buckle

Broken your F4 or F5 bindings ratchet buckle then this is what you need! Easy to replace and gets your bindings back and working again. Comes as a single buckle.
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Trampa - Grab Handle with Fixings

Trampa Grab Handle with Fixings

The Trampa Kiteboard Grab Handle is perfect for your board offs or just carrying the board when flying the kite. Very useful for kite boarders on any brand of board.
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Trampa - Hybrid Bindings

Trampa Hybrid Bindings

The super supportive bindings kite landboarders have been asking for. As supportive as ratchet bindings without the ratchet getting in the way for kiting. Trampa have a winner!
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Trampa - Mountainboard Heelstraps

Trampa Mountainboard Heelstraps

The Trampa Mountainboard Heelstraps keep you locked into your board over jumps and in fast cornering. The Trampa heels have a ratchet and a lock so you can adjust them easily.
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Trampa - Ratchet Mountainboard Bindings

Trampa Ratchet Mountainboard Bindings

Get clamped down tight to your mountain board with these pro level race bindings from Trampa. Fits all Trampa decks, Mbs decks and many more brands.
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MBS - F5 Ratchet Heelstraps

MBS F5 Ratchet Heelstraps

The MBS F5 Heelstraps are a big upgrade from the old ones and come with a camlock and ratchet and work with most bindings with angle bracket attachment and strap you solidly on the board.
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MBS - F5 Ratchet Mountainboard Bindings

MBS F5 Ratchet Mountainboard Bindings

The MBS Ratchets have now evolved into the F5 the latest innovation in ratchet bindings! Now better at fitting smaller feet and adjusting but also designed to fit heelstraps.
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We have been involved since the start of mountainboards so can always help to get old boards up and running again. We can also advise what fits most models so you get the right trucks or bearings to fit your mountainboard, al terrain board or kite landboard.