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Orangatang Onsen Park Light Wheels 58mm 100a

Orangatang Onsen Park Light Wheels 58mm 100a

Be the king of your local park. The Orangatang Onsen park wheels continue to blend the boundaries of traditional skateboarding, park riding, and longboarding.

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Designed for park riding in particular, this new formula, core design, and shape were created to find that perfect balance between grip and slip. Grippy enough to hold high lines in the bowl, but slidey enough for predictable speed checks and recoveries from sketchy scenes The Onsens by Orangatang are poured in a new Orangatang formula: Perky Thane.
Fast, smooth, grippy, and durable. Flat spot resistant.  The Onsens are ideal for park and pool skating. Strong yet compliant cores enhance wear characteristics and increase roll speed even further. The clean, rounded lips keep you safe from hangups on the coping, and our unique sanded finish means the Onsens are pre-broken in and ready to rip, right out of the box.

Orangatang Onsens Wheels

Diameter: 58mm
Width: 34mm
Contact Patch: 19mm 
Durometers: 100a 
Bearing Seat: Centerset 
Formula: Perky Thane 
Core: high-strength, heat-resistant, glass-free urethane

Purchase price includes set of 4 wheels.

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