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Six Six One Evo d3o Knee Pads


The Evo Kneepads with d3o are the top end of the slim underneath pads. With d3o built in to give the maximum protection and slimmest profile knee pad.

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661 Evo Knee II is the highest grade protection in a super slim pad designed with cycling in mind but is great for many other sports like snowboarding and mountainboarding plus anything else you need impact protection for your knees. These are tough pads too with the kevelar panels on the front to help damage that soft pads can suffer from when wearing shorts.

If you need a pad to slide like vert knees  or roller derby then these are not for you.  But if you need a good slim pad that offers a lot of impact protection without being bulky these are worth every pound!

The 661 Evo Knee Guard Specification:

  • Total Impact Protection And Comfort With Internal Molded D30 Knee
  • Breathable And Flexible Through Cordura Construction
  • Abrasion Resistance Through Kevelar Panels
  • secured In Place With Velcro Closures
  • Component of the highly adaptable EVO series
  • Light weight impact foam perforated for ventilation
  • Blood flow and muscle recovery with compression fit
  • Core cooling with ventilated construction
  • Stays in place with velcro fit.

661 EVO Knee Pads with D3o Protection

Six Six One Evo d3o Knee Pads

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