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Mystic Kite Pump Extreme

Mystic Tall 2.9L Kite Pump Extreme

The Mystic Kite pump extreme is the super tall 2.9L kitepump from mystic. Single or double inflation options and super easy to pump up even the biggest kites super fast and easy.

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​The Mystic Kite Pump Extreme is Mystic's version of the new larger pumps. Made using the same sizes as the super popular WMFG Tall Pump these give super good pumping and the taller pump but at a better price.  Still coming with a selection of nozzles to fit most brands. This solves many of those old pump issues that as a kitesurfer you put up with but don't need to! The pump was always the forgotten about part of the kit bag, now with these super smooth tall pumps it makes it super easy to pump up and keep the pump clean of sand etc. 

The Mystic kite pump extreme pump comes with the standard bayonet fitting so could fit any hose rather than the new screw type of the wmfg. The four nozzles cover the old style traditional, Boston, LF Maxflow and North twist so fits most main brands.

Mystic Kite Pump Extreme Specs and Features:

  • Ergonomically optimised handle
  • Capacity 2.9l, maximum pressure 13psi
  • Double or single stroke switch for increased efficiency
  • Better protected against sand
  • Longer body and high-airflow piston
  • Integrated pressure gauge meter
  • Improved hose
  • 4 nozzle options 
  • included carry bag

Mystic Kite Pump Extreme Nozzles Included

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