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Ozone Chicken Loop Larger Size C4 PU

Upgrade the chicken loop from factory standard to the larger C4 bar chicken loop. Ideal for progressing to more unhooked riding and for taller riders with longer arms!

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Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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Progressing into unhooked riding? Or maybe your a taller rider and need a tad more distance between you and the bar? The Ozone chicken loop, large size upgrade enables you to unhook and hook back in to the bar from your harness more effectively and precisely. It also gives a little extra distance  for those taller riders to effectively maintain a grasp of the bar without having it too close to them.

Please bear in mind the is a replacement chicken loop only, the safety release system is sold separately.  There are two versions for recent years of Ozone Kites:

Push Away System - 2014 onwards kites that have the PUSH AWAY chicken loop.
Pull Megatron System - Before 2014 kites which have the pull towards you safety system.

ozone chicken loop size comparison picture

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