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Flexifoil Blade V (5)

developed over five generations,

The perfect four-line power kite for jumping. Easy to set up and fly within minutes. Great flying static, in a buggy or on a kite landboard. Watch out in high winds!

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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The Flexifoil Blade V is the unrivalled jumping fixed power kite. With the Blade V flyers will jump higher than ever, and experience the raw power that only this kite can generate, giving pure exhilaration every time they fly the kite.

The all new design pushes more raw power and lift, into a legendary powerful canopy, giving all air junkies the ultimate weapon.


The Flexifoil Blade V's high aspect ratio, swept plan form creates a fast crisp turn rate, which combined with a monstrously powerful aerofoil creates insane lift and float, yet it retains the stability loved by all Blade flyers. The kite's thin profile is fast and efficient. This efficiency is aided by a high cell coupled with internal V ribs to support the profile. The V ribs also reduce the amount of bridle, which minimised the drag in the kite, whilst keeping the wing shape smooth and aerodynamically efficient.

Flyers of the Blade lV will notice that the Blade V (5) kite turns faster and holds the power better through the turn. They will feel that the kite is very reactive to control inputs and has a more powerful feel giving longer higher floating jumps.

Flexifoil Blade V (5) 4m - £324.99 Kite Only (Green)
Flexifoil Blade V (5) 4.9m - £364.99 Kite Only (Blue)
Flexifoil Blade V (5) 6.5m - £444.99 Kite Only (Red)
Flexifoil Blade V (5) VIP 8.5m - £499.95 Kite Only 

Ready to Fly packageContents: £99.99
Flexifoil Prolink handles
Extreme Lines 250kg/200kg 25m
Flexifoil Kite Killers 

Kitebuggy Freestyle video of ATBshop team rider Blader (Paul Wells) on the Flexifoil Blade V :

So how does it fare against the IV?
  • Improved Stability
  • Increased float and hangtime
  • More power generated through the turn
  • Smoother progressive turn
  • More static and recreational lift
An amazingly powerful kite for experienced flyers wishing to jump with a buggy, board or if static jumping.

All the usual spares: Bridles, Bars, Lines and Handles

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