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Flysurfer Peak Trainer Kite

Flysurfer's Peak Trainer is a fun and powerful single skin trainer kite designed in the style of the super popular Peak. Easy to fly, durable and great to train for kitesurfing.

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We have been wanting Flysurfer to make a beginner trainer kite for years. The Flysurfer Viron was great and the Flysurfer Peak was good too but both were more complex  with depower and expensive for a first time flyer. But now Flysurfer have designed the Peak Trainer, and it's awesome! 


The Peak Trainer 1.3m sounds small in comparison to other trainer kites but it's not it is classed as 1.3m squared in size but the wing span is basically 2m and being a single skin then it really packs a punch. Most other trainer kites are listed as wind span so it makes this a larger rather than smaller sized trainer. 

The wind range quoted is 3 to 20knots and that is quite realistic as with single skin kites they become slightly more unstable in the high end gusty winds than their ram air cousins. But the single skin kite develops a lot more power in less wind so this is perfect for those light breeze days to get learning kite skills.  As soon as you can notice there is a breeze then the Peak will be airborne!

Flysurfer Peak kitesurf Trainer Kite 1.3m

The Flysurfer Peak Trainer is perfect for your first kite with a control bar and is super fun and safe to use for all ages (depending on wind speed and rider size) that want to fun of power kite flying. It is also super durable due to it's single skin design and three line safety system, as long as you don't land it in a tree or fence etc then it can't be damaged in hard crashes unless the ground is sharp!  The three line safety system also means if there is any problem you can just let go and the leash will completely kill the power of the kite and bring it back down to earth in a safe easy to relaunch manner. Single skin kites also seem to relaunch easier than the traditional ram air kites so it's hard to keep this down on the deck it just want's to fly!

The Flysurfer Peak revolutionised land kites with it's single skin design and now the Peak Trainer is offering the same bonus's for general power kite flying and training for kitesurfing. This makes the Flysurfer Peak Trainer a perfect present or starter kite to explore the world of kiting, perfect for kite school students and kids to learn with.  The Peak Trainer comes complete ready to fly so has everything in a super lightweight stuff sack to get you flying. It packs up so small it is perfect for travel and holidays as you don't even realise you are carrying it.

Flysurfer Peak Trainer 1.3m Spec and Package Features:

  • 1x PEAK Trainer Kite
  • 1 x PEAK Trainer Kite Bar and Lines
  • 1x PEAK 3-line wrist safety 
  • 1x PEAK Trainer Gear Guide 
  • 1x PEAK Trainer Bag 
  • Projected Area: 1.06m2
  • Aspect Ration 3
  • Flat Wingspan 1.975m
  • Flying Lines 15m
  • Windrange: 3-20Knt

Flysurfer Peak kitesurfing Trainer Kite Package

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