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MBS Pro 90 Kite Deck

The MBS Pro90 is the top level pro kiteboard deck. Super light and smooth flex it's perfect with skate trucks and bindings. Our personal favourite with real bamboo finish.

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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MBS PRO 90 Kite Deck. The Pro 90 is back with a re-release of the bamboo deck. Perfect for kite landboard fans! The graphics by UK artist and mountainboarder Dan Wilson, one of the best graphics MBS has put out to date.  The Pro 90 landboard deck is also using bamboo laminates to give the pop and durability with lightness required.  The Pro90 is now supplied as a deck only so you can customise your setup with the bindings and trucks and tyres you want.

If you want to progress your landboarding game then the MBS Pro90 is the Kite deck you need in your life!

Our personal favourite setup for this is with the F5 Bindings, ATS12 Trucks and Rockstar Hubs and T3 tyres but other standard components e.g. Trampa will also fit without any problems.

MBS Pro90 Kite Deck Specs:
  • Bamboost Powerlam (Fiberglass / Bamboo / Maple) 
  • Deck Weight= 2.0 kg / 4.3 lb 
  • Compatible with all MBS trucks. ATS and Matrix Series.
  • Accepts all F Series Bindings.

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